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Economic situation




    Singapore’s economic size measured by value of gross domestic product (Gross Domestic Products: GDP) of approximately 2549 U.S. $ 1.3 billion. 3 is a high ranking in ASEAN after Indonesia and Thailand. But Singapore has the least population in the region, only 4.5 million people making an average income of the population, measured by GDP per snobbery to U.S. $ 29,474. Almost 10 times higher than Thailand.



    Services sector is critical to the economic growth of Singapore has played a role in 63.8 percent of GDP in major sectors such as wholesale services, retail, transportation, restaurants and hotels. Finance, banking, etc., followed by industry, including the remaining 26 percent are other sectors such as construction, agriculture and fishing 10.2 percent.



     Singapore has a network of efficient transportation routes. Singapore is one of the countries with the water transportation between most countries in the world. Leading to and ship repair. The airport Chang Andino Singapore (Changi Airport) is recognized as one of the major aviation hub in the Asia Pacific region, Singapore is also the financial hub of one of the world. Trade currency in international exchange markets of Singapore high value is No. 4 in the world after London, New York and Tokyo, now multinational corporations, not less than 7,000 offices in Singapore.


     World Economic Forum (WEF), a leading institution in the world ranking. Ranked the competitiveness of the country by means of 102 countries Growth Competitiveness Index (GCI), which is evaluating the opportunity of economic growth in the medium term and long term. Based on the technology level of the country. Performance of state enterprises. As well as environmental factors affecting economic growth and the Business Competitiveness Index (BCI), which measures current economic potential. Based on organizational structure and business environment factors that affect business in the country found that the GCI and BCI of Singapore in 2550 by GCI of the highest in Asia, Singapore is ranked the No. 7 and BCI in at 9 above. Japanese. Which is in the top 10 of the world.