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Singapore Government with a parliamentary democracy. The Constitution is supreme law (The Constitution) decentralization of government is as follows: 3.


     1. Executive Council (The Executive).


       Including President. And Cabinet. A country through the Ministry of Executive Bureau of the Department and agencies under other government.


       Singapore presidential election from the people directly. A 6-year term served by the current President is Mr. cells divide la Rama Na review (Mr. Sellapan Rama Nathan) who is the President of Singapore, but a 6 to 2 people from voting. Served a period of 2 on September 1, 2548.


        Singapore Cabinet from general elections every 5 years, 4 major political parties include party People’s Action Party (PAP), uncle of Mr. Li Xian (Lee Hsien Loong) was founded in 2497, which since the beginning of the 2502 election, party votes received PAP. majority. Government administration and establish security throughout the country with Worker’s Party (WP) was founded in 2500 has now said a party leader Low Thia Kiang Singapore Democratic Party (SDP) was founded in 2523 under the leadership of Mr. Chee Soo Juan and the Singapore Democratic. Alliance (SDA) Founded in 2544 by the merger of several small party party. Mr Chiam See Tong is currently a party leader.


       For key positions in the current Cabinet.


     – Exhibition Uncle Lee (Lee Hsien Loong) Prime Minister and Minister of Finance.


     – Mr. Goh insurance a joist (Goh Chok Tong), Senior Minister and Chairman of the Monetary Authority of Singapore.


     – Mr. Lee Guan U (Lee Kuan Yew) Ministerial Advisory.


     – Professor S. Kumar Ahuja drug Deputy Prime Minister. Minister (Jayakumar Shunmugam) and Minister of Legal Affairs Coordinator. Of national security.


     – George involved (George Yeo) Minister of Foreign Affairs.


     – Mr. Lim Heng Sees (Lim Hng Kiang) Minister of Trade and Industry.


      2. National Assembly (Parliament). From the general election. Last on May 6, 2549 at the Council representatives and members divided into 84 people including 82 government employees from Party People’s Action Party and opposition party have 2 people from Worker’s Party and Party Singapore Democratic Alliance for the next scheduled election. in early 2554.


     3. Judicial Council (The Judiciary). Divided into 2 levels, including District Court (Subordinate Courts) and the Supreme Court (Supreme Court).