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Issuance of work permit

 Singapore Ministry of Labor consider licensing work. To foreigners under the Act to employ foreign workers (Employment of Foreign Worker Act) vary as follows.

                 1. Employment Pass (P Pass and Q Pass) for foreigners to work. Executive or specialist. (Professions, Manager, Excutives and Specialists) cardholders Employment Pass (both P and Q) are allowed to bring those types of track 1 is a spouse, child marriage is not legal or adopted children under 21 years of follow-up by. cardholders who track (Dependant’s Pass) or P Pass holders are allowed to bring more. Type 2 is the follow their parents. And parents of spouse or children from a previous marriage, spouse, children, disabled children of women who are not married and aged over 21 years of follow-up card by applying for Long-Term Social Visit Pass to consider the licensing P. Q from salary or more positions and experience as a primary.

                 • P1 Pass basic salary up to 7,000 Singapore dollars.

                 • P2 Pass basic salary between 3500 to 7000 Singapore dollars. The need to meet the job.

                 • Q Pass basic salary up to 2,500 Singapore dollars and must have. Meets the job. (5 years working experience in related crafts and skills could bring to consider, if necessary).

                 • Personalised Employment Pass (PEP) is a work permit. Which used a new type of 1 January 2550 onwards by cardholders in Singapore Employment Pass and run at least 2 years ago (for P Pass) or 5 years (for Q1 Pass) and receive basic salary of not less than 30,000 per year. Singapore dollars. Or students in higher education and work experience in Singapore under the Singapore Employment Pass at least 2 years are eligible for PEP, which will last 5 years without permission to.

                 The levels of P, Q and PEP no quota restrictions on employment and employers do not pay. Foreign employment tax (levy) to the government.

                 2. S Pass for foreigners who work with middle-class knowledge and specific skills such as technicians and other chef has been salary basis not less than 1,800 Singapore dollars the limited quota of employment is the only hire 10. percentage of local employees. And employers must pay fees levy 50 Singapore dollars to hire foreign employees to the people. Months for the government to S Pass holders receive a salary of more than 2,500 Singapore dollars to get right. In bringing people in the family track.

                 3. R Pass (Work Permit) for a foreign artist or semi-skilled at. Not to Type S Pass, which features Singapore Ministry of Labor will consider the type of license. Businesses and countries (as described above) as follows.

                 • Construction (Construction) allowed workers from the TS, NTS, NAS.

                 • dock (Marine) allowed workers from the TS, NTS, NAS.

                 • work for the home (Domestic Worker) allowed workers from the TS, NTS.

                 • Production (Manufacturing) allowed workers from the TS, NAS.

                 • Services (Services) allow workers from the TS, NAS.

                 • Agriculture (Agri-technology) allows workers from NTS.

                 4. EntrePass for foreigners to small and medium business. Small in Singapore. The business, except on food, coffee shop, massage center, karaoke entertainment practice massage exchange or transfer money. Tutorial or other similar career.

                 5. Training Visit Pass (TVP) for the internship of which is. Part of the work. The trainee must receive a basic salary up to 2,500 Singapore dollars. Or internship as a student’s education program. Or employees of companies with offices outside Singapore, the applicant may be permitted to consider under the category Internship Training Work Permit (TWP), if not met through guidelines TVP.

                 6. Dependant Pass / Letter of Consent (DP / LOC) is licensed for the type of track 1 of the Employment Pass card holders who have DP card or permission to work LOC by Singapore Ministry of Labor will consider licensing guidelines. Each type of license.

                 7. Long Term Social Visit Pass (LTSVP) is licensed for Type 2 track cardholder LTSVP Employment Pass holders may obtain a work card. The Ministry of Labor has allowed Singapore to review guidelines.