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News scenario construction workers in Singapore.

                 Because the situation of the world economic crisis continues to have effects. The economy of Singapore.

         Continued. Office workers in Singapore has requested additional Stern report on the progress. New in the operations. Singapore Government support in areas of construction business. And labor demand in this field. 


Be summarized as follows.

      (1) from the Straits Times newspaper reported the news release Thursday, January 15, 2552 stating that Singapore government has supported construction projects initiated then medium sized local contractors to help middle-class and individual. Are affected due to the above economic crisis; Since the last group, the contractor usually paid. have the opportunity to hire contractors only work with private sector construction projects. Only informally. When a crisis occurs the private sector. Are affected directly and severely. Therefore, the State Baton. , Singapore, and promote opportunities for private sector contractor in the Olympic program. Waste medium and small public projects valued at less than $ 50 million in Singapore. Will help to foster private sector conditions were stable and has a lead. employment in the following. Examples of projects that will allow private construction contractor, such as transfer stations Rica Nature Inc. (PowerGas’s Liquefied Natural Gas-receiving Terminal) of the Wildlife Conservation Park Theme New River (Wildlife Reserves Singapore’s New River Theme Park) and. Safari park in the Mandai area, etc.. Concluded that in 2009 in the construction sector continues to be needed. It is estimated that the amount invested in construction projects for the Mod in 2009 will amount up to 28-30 billion Singapore dollars.
     (2) from the Straits Times newspaper reported the news release on Saturday 17 and Sunday, January 18, 2552 stating that in the construction business is still required in high. The workers in skill level and boss. Work will be needed in the types of cranes used car. Plant construction and operations. And electrician and plumbing pipes. The level of technical manager, technician and management in the construction work is to be focused on the design. And construction and environmental management in the commercial Building and Construction Authority (BCA), the government agencies that oversee the construction of Singapore. Attempted to promote development and construction of eco watch those wheels New plans more training for professionals who are interested to ้ Company of 8,000 people over the 5 years since 2009 onwards, as well as sectors. private industry in providing scholarships for 26 of these funds to undergraduate students with. Wages as an example of a construction business areas to the above are as follows. Position driver Crane (Crane Operators). – Pay about U.S. $ 1400-1700 per month in Singapore. (If not experience). – Pay about U.S. $ 3800-5000 per month in Singapore. (If experienced). Position supervising the operations. (Supervisors). – Pay about U.S. $ 1600-2500 per month in Singapore. (If not experience). – Pay about 4,000 Singapore dollars per month. (If experienced).

     (3) On January 19, 2552, Mr. Gan Kim Yong, Acting Minister of Singapore workers. Locus has announced through television channels. ChannelnewsAsia concluded that in 2009, expected to be available more than 30,000 job positions in various business sectors including construction, health care and medical treatment. Public sector management. And Integrated Resort in the resort category in which it reiterated that the construction sector. Singapore is also a need to continue. Office workers in Singapore. Consider that the above information. Make sure the building construction business in force. Most of Thailand is running. Also a need to further continue. While Singapore continues to face economic crisis now.