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Snr. Singapore opens tourism comprehensive facilities. That can create jobs available at approximately 20,000 positions.

Office workers in Singapore. We report event “Career 2009 and Education 2009” held on 5-8 March 2552 at Suntec City Tower organized by the Ministry of Education, Singapore. Associated with the private sector. Purposes in the annual event to facilitate schools to get students and public and private open recruitment for people to find jobs directly.


          In such an open recruitment to be made of. Tourism facilities in the integrated or called Integrated Resort (IR) of 2 including one (1) Resort World at Sentosa (RWS) in construction. Signs of moderate growth Kaa including Universal Studios Theme Park, where RWS packaging capacity of 10,000 jobs at the location and (2) Marina Bay Sand s (MBS) in the construction zone near Marina Bay. Can support. Jobs have included as many as 10,000 jobs to administration officials, including hotels. Staff meetings of the Convention Center. Staff organized games and entertainment. Officers of. Other Operations. The support of the tourism resort of the two resorts will begin operation by the year 2553 and will be included staff from the candidates in the Career 2009 and Education 2009 approximately 8,000 positions by the end of 2552 with the remaining positions. will begin gradually opening after packaging operations in the year 2553 others as many of the above vacancies are interested in the people find work. Both young and elderly people. Singapore people and foreigners. As well as employment and disabled people already have a job. The Singapore government also has a policy. Provide opportunities for older workers. Women would have resigned to work after child care. Former convict and disabled people in the Marina Bay Sand also want to employ Singaporean PMETs level or type of specialist managers and executives with other technical staff.

          Office workers in Singapore for the study of employment situation in Singapore, especially in the manufacturing sector. And business services are very slow. Therefore, the operation of the resort. Two will help stimulate the conditions of employment in Singapore, better put a majority of the job sector services. If the salary levels from 1,800 Singapore dollars per month and up to a specified degree. Diplomas or professional certificates, as well as having more to check. Associated Ns related. Thai workers have these features. Have the opportunity to get into work permit application because it is. Of the Work Permit and S Pass Type E Pass (depending on salary level) that are not limited to countries that will enter work in such positions. This is different from the level of Work Permit (income less than 1,800 Singapore dollars per month) given to Thai workers. Working in construction sector. Department dock. And are only used in homes.

          However, the Singapore government, while trying to focus on encouraging employers to hire people as ่ Ti belly first, even before policies are not clear. But some of the Singapore government plans to focus on reducing costs of the employer by providing subsidies. Amount of accumulated funds to pay employees instead of employers. If such employees. Local residents are only a motivation. Employers to hire more people in Singapore.

          Because unemployment rate in Singapore as of December 2551 has increased 2.6 percent which is higher than the record monthly high in September 2551 with 2.2 percent and significantly higher compared with the month in December 2550 that rate. Unemployment is only 1.7 percent in the quarter 1 of year 2552 estimated unemployment rate in Singapore will be very high up. Due to expectations that GDP growth would be lower. Because the employment situation in Singapore is moving continuously. Although sector. Construction sectors continue to grow in the matter. But trends of employment in the pound.

          Bank of a building. Will be reduced due to the slowing of private construction projects in this case. Office workers in Singapore will be the follow-up the employment situation. And report to the Ministry of Labor informed the next phase.


Snr. Singapore.