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Snr. Singapore visit Thai workers at gas explosion accident at work.

      On October 21, 2552 a number of Thai workers, including 6 people (1) International Division, said the property (2) Mr. Narong a yard (3) Mr. Uthai terms like (4) Mr. Chai lectures Osom beauty (5) Mr. Greg Haase color. the David and (6) Mr. Wise Sui dynasty was an accident between Prince. Working with the explosion of gas leakage in old drainage areas and Macpherson Road, Aljunied Road, injuring is to burn the face and arms, which later was sent to help get medical treatment at Hospital Singapore. The General Hospital on October 22, 2552 has signed several newspapers Singapore news about this accident, Snr. Singapore has reported the Ministry of Labor and at the Embassy in Singapore was initially on October 22, 2552.

        Snr. Singapore to visit the workers by breaking the first 6 people on October 22 has been found safe and help to stage the second visit on October 27 last now (on 28. October) the doctors have allowed more patients from 3 hospitals because mitigation was said properties include International Division, Mr. Uthai words like victory and said fuel Osom beauty back to the doctor to schedule an inspection to maintain long scar. in this case. Because the injury occurred during the above work. Employers are responsible for the labor law responsibilities. The medical report to the Ministry of Labor and Singapore. For Thai workers compensation each will receive will be based. The physical body medical evaluation will be made after the end of each of the following treatment.  


 Source:  Snr. Singapore